Veronica of late


those in the winter-shades are losing petals now
meanwhile, in sunny spots new season hatchlings are emerging; and quite distant from their winter-shade elders.

The full moon yesterday; the winter folk of Veronica found moist dark soils; the seasonal hatchlings do not fall close to the tree and have taken up fallow tenancies in recently disturbed and depleted clay soils; turned and weeded of its buffalo and couch grasses. These soils where yarrow leaves grow purple and wither; are a place where Angelica thrives into its second year with neighbours of thyme, beets, kale and Withania. Roma tomato’s thrive; Blueberries struggle; True pipperita with rich chocolatey veins grows fiercely. In mid-winter the mint disappeared most suddenly, to emerge again 4 weeks later, at the half moon emerging with a greater footprint than before. At the full moon I planted Coriander to pair the two in sauce.

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