New members resource available – Accounting key


Accounting software and Health Justice – WTF?

Members can now access the HWB Victoria accounting platform for their personal and business needs.

This resource might be of interest:

  • For people who are interested in utilising digital platforms for their accounting and invoices.
  • People who are currently paying for an accounting software package and are interested in trying a free alternative.
  • If you are using a platform such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks – it is worth testing our package to see if it meets your needs.
  • The HWB platform can be hosted for free on the cloud, hosted on your own web server, PC or laptop, even on phones.
  • By using the HWB members key you can access a set of addon-apps at no cost (saving around $250-$500 per year depending on library).

Most software services for accounting have a monthly fee (around $20 for basic accounts) and then they charge extra for addon services and apps as required. With the platform recommended by HWB you have no monthly fee and can access plugins for free. The source code is opensource and fully available to you.

To learn more — stay tuned for links! Or contact me directly to discuss.

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