Membership benefits

  1. Fuzzy feeling – supporting the cause, ensuring the survival and growth of the organisation. Members fund the entity, the startup and maintenance of new and core projects.
  2. Discounted event entry – a standard members perk. Not that great when events are donation only, but when the cash is low and our events are awesome! …a discount could be of great use.
  3. Volunteer training and support. Become a HWB aid worker.
  4. HWB resource library, grants programs,
  5. Generous benefits from our sponsors and supporters from local networks and businesses – providing discounts and other arrangements with a range of like minded and kindly folk who support our cause and members.
  6. Volunteer – join a team, become an officer, run an event, help others…we have numerous volunteer actions for you to join.
  7. Participate as an Director or Executive officer, contribute to policy, marketing, fund raising. Share your time, expertise and skills to help HWB thrive.
  8. Develop and run events, workshops, skillshares, clinics — collaborate. Pitch your idea, seek funds, resources or people power.
  9. Have meetups, share ideas, post on the HWB websites.
  10. Support current projects. Help with the day to day running of core projects
  11. ..AS MEMBERS we design the perks. That is the point of membership.
  12. We are on a humanitarian mission and the time to act is now!
  13. What are the current perks? – access to shared training materials, access to programs as they are released, discounted CPR and first aid courses, food handling training, volunteer opportunities, gardening days and working bees, sharing stories, making art, running community clinics…. we follow the HWB charter at a local scale, for local needs.
  14. Access to HWB global resource archive
  15. Connect with chapter members worldwide
  16. Access to HWB learning platform (LMS) and the HWB online social network (HWB social) – where we host our own community portals.
  17. HWB skills recognition process certifies your skills, knowledge and contributions developed during your participation and volunteer effort.

FIRST AID TRAINING – Recognised First Aid + CPR courses – delivered to members and volunteers at discounted rates. With funding and scholarships available (2022)

MEMBERSHIP SEAL – display your membership with pride. The HWB proud member seal is a symbol of your commitment to health justice for all people.

High Quality Workshops and Courses: our learning materials offer content for a variety of audiences. General knowledge and community based courses. Health promotion. CPE opportunities for professionals. Our events deliver certificates of participation, event handouts where applicable, and more…

HWB PROJECTS – our global and local range of core projects require volunteers to ensure their continual operation.

PRACTITIONER SUPPORT, SKILLSHARE OPPORTUNITIES, CASE STUDY GROUPS & CLINICAL MENTORING – volunteers are never alone. After being inducted into the HWB clinic program you will be provided with the tools and support required to deliver high quality services. Taking referrals from HWB Victoria and delivering them either from your own clinic, or the HWB people’s clinic. Mobile clinics and health promotion events are planned for the second half of 2021.

CLINIC SERVICES DIRECTORY – the HWB Victoria services directory has a growing list of member services. Members can list their clinic services, create a business profile, create events and advertise special offers.

The Directory is available for the public to search; and this directory is used a means for chapters and individual members to advertise their discounted or free clinic services. Member and chapter clinics who accept referrals from the HWB network receive support with establishment, management and WHS, are given access to the virtual dispensary and can access other forms of support on a case per case basis (e.g. grants/funding, marketing support, clinic tools, resources, dispensary access).

BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY – not all oour members are clinical – but they have a lot to offer!! If you have a business that supports health and social justice, can provide services and support to people in need at a discounted or free rate, then you are p[eferectly suited to be listed in the business directory! Talk to HWB about how your skills can add to our quest for health justice.

PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE – make sure to check with HWB victoria about your professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Our supporters and business network are joining together to support herbalist and all allied, complementary and natural therapy professionals. Find discounted services via the HWB network.

Clinic positions:

  • CURRENT VACANCY – we are seeking a volunteer Massage Therapist one day per month at the Abbotsford Clinic. Preferably on a Tuesday (or Sunday). Please contact if you are able to fill the spot.

Dispensary positions:

  • CURRENT VACANCY – assistant required to help re-boot our virtual dispensary. Please contact if you have an interest in I.T. , dispnesary services, marketing and/or fund raising.

Office space HWB is seeking office space! If you have any connections, suggestions, or solutions Please contact