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Medicinal Seed Saving

Medicinal Seed Saving

Seed Security Project
With the increase in popularity of herbalism and natural healing, Mother Earth faces a new challenge….the over harvesting and extinction of our native medicinal plants.  Additionally, we are still trying to determine the impact of destructive environmental practices- that occurred both historically and are currently occurring; development of rural land; clear cutting of our forests; mountain top mining; improper corporate practices that affect our land (from both agricultural and non-agricultural sources), the affects of genetically modified seeds; pollution; and climate change.  The list could go on, but this gives you an idea of the current issues our plants, and our planet, face.  

Herbalists Without Borders is passionate about saving and sustaining our native medicinals and wants to teach others how to preserve seeds and propagate medicinal plants. There are a number of organizations that focus on saving seeds for food production, but seed saving for medicinal plants is not common.  While we believe that food is a primary source of medicine, HWB also wants to promote Seed Saving models that include medicinal plants.  

Our goal is to create models and best practices to share with others around the globe.  Watch our website as our library of documents about saving seeds and propagating medicinal plants grows.  Additionally, please enjoy our articles about individuals and communities who save seeds and want to teach others about this important practice.  

Nourishing Community Herb Gardens Project

When we think about the problems currently facing society, it is easy to become overwhelmed and disempowered. Creating community gardens that bring back the wild foods of the local habitat (herbs, mushrooms, berries, and nuts) and weaving them with the fruits and vegetables is a tangible way to be a part of the solution.

Nourishing Community Herb Gardens Project

​When we consider global crises it is easy to feel overwhelmed and become disempowered. Creating community gardens that bring back medicinal herbs alongside wild foods of the local habitat is a tangible way to be a part of the solution.  As we grow gardens we grow community.  Picture     Our Nourishing Community Herb Gardens Project highlights unique community gardens that include medicinal herbs as a sustainable and educational resource, helping individuals and communities thrive. We support growing herbs as well as food as we know health is a social and racial justice issue, and healthy foods and herbs are a part of reaching underserved communities without access to fresh food. 

We feature: Favorite community garden herbs Tips shared by ​community​ herb​ gardens​ growers​ Sage ​start-up advice by​ organizers   Seasonal recipes and botanical blends ​Garden Fresh Goodness!​ Featuring gardens that focus on herbal medicine security locally and globally Technical assistance for starting a community garden Support in how to start a garden, what plants to grow and more! Do you need seeds for your children’s/medicinal/herb/community garden project? Your project may qualify for free seeds! THANKS to Southern Exposure Seed Exchange for letting us share their Seed Saving PDF!

People’s Clinics

Millions of people are systematically neglected or excluded from conventional health care.  HWB  believes in creating innovative holistic health grassroots projects such as PEOPLES CLINICS and STREET MEDIC PROJECTS to link people with accessible natural and botanical medicine that is localized and sustainable. 

Herbalists Without Borders People’s Clinics

 Global citizens continue to be marginalized, displaced, unemployed, homeless, imprisoned, or forced into prostitution or human slavery. Many people struggle economically, living in rural isolation to overcrowded refugee camps – all facing incredible barriers to health and wellness. HWB promotes down to the ground green medicine for people who desire access to natural and botanical medicine based on need and not the ability to pay. All HWB clinics depend on the generosity and volunteer time of the natural medicine communities they serve, from people like you. 

HWB has many types of People’s Clinics: Free Clinics, Mobile People’s Clinics, Herbal Street Medics, Herb Buses, Rural Access Projects, Herb Barges, and International/Borderless Medicine – Our Chapters Respond to Natural Disasters with Pop-Up Clinics, Table Clinics and Mobile Clinics.

  Approximately half of the world’s population lives on less than $2 daily and it is impossible for them to buy medicines
~WHO, World Health Organization 

 Millions of people are systematically neglected or excluded from conventional health care.  HWB  believes in creating and supporting innovative grassroots projects such as PEOPLES CLINICS and STREET MEDIC PROJECTS to link people with accessible natural and botanical medicine that is localized and sustainable.

Our Community Clinics Model informally began in 1995 (later formalizing in 2007) with mobile natural medicine clinic units in various locales providing accessible health and wellness education to patients and communities.   

  Indigenous healing practices are ancient, intact, complex, holistic health care systems practiced by indigenous people worldwide…
​~ReCLAIM Collective of Healers, 2012 

HWB clinics offer both free and sliding scale health and wellness services to patients in dire need.  These Peoples Clinics vary depending upon the chapter that organizes them. Some are walk-in, by appointment, staffed by volunteer herbalists, naturopaths, massage therapists, reflexologists and sundry other Complementary Alternative Medicine practitioners, as well as clinical herbalism students.   Clinics are hosted monthly in some regions and daily in other regions.
All are run by volunteers.

Peoples Clinics are as based on the needs of the people they serve in communities world wide.

  80% of all people in the world make use of herbal medicine as their main health care  
~WHO, World Health Organization​ 

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Proceeds from the day go towards supporting Herbalists Without Borders.

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First Aid Courses are delivered and assessed on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909 by Duncan Mackay (HWB member)

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