Melbourne/Victorian plant survey

A project for gathering weed location data.

The goal of this project is to gather and present information about plant distribution across the state of Victoria.

In particular, the focus is upon medicinal and useful `weeds’ (and standout interesting plants). For example castor oil plant is a weed, it is useful and its presence tells a story.

The HWB Victoria plant map is now in public open release. You can use the map freely and without having to sign up or provide your email.

Data is anonymously gathered. We do not know your phone number or name, etc…

How the project works:

Download the app and open project.

(1) Visit the app store for your device and install the Èpicollect5′

Google play link:

Apple store:

  • Open the app
  • Select ADD PROJECT
  • Search for HWB Victoria Plant Map
  • Select the HWB Victoria project.
  • Open the project

We have tried to minimise the number of clicks required to get the job done.

Add a new entry

There are no required fields. You only fill in the data that you have. You can skip to the next page at anytime.

  1. Select + Add entry
  2. Enter name of the plant – then press `next’
  3. Add photo – you can take a photo or add a photo from library. – then press next
  4. Add location – (next)
  5. Save entry
  6. Finally, you can upload your entries to the server (synchronise).
  7. (note) At any time during the process you can choose to navigate backwards/forwards, or use the Quit button to stop the process and start again.

Update – November 2021. A new form field has been added `in Bloom‘. This is to denote if the plant was spotted during its flowering cycle.

Uploading your data

When you have finished your session simply choose the upload button for your entries. Follow the prompts and you will have uploaded to the archive.

Mobile phone location services:

  • Please note: you will need to allow location services on your phone for this to work properly.
  • With location services active your photos will carry with them geolocation coordinates (this is called EXIF data).
  • When you upload a photo it will be placed onto a map along with the plant name.
  • When the update location button is pressed the system takes a snapshot of your current position.

Privacy: we only use the following data (1) GPS location of the plant (2) name of plant that you have entered into the form, and any comments you have made (3) any attached photos.

The data will be presented on a map to be hosted on the HWB website and via Epicollect5. Seasonal and regional overlays will show the annual procession of plants.

New members resource available – Accounting key

Accounting software and Health Justice – WTF?

Members can now access the HWB Victoria accounting platform for their personal and business needs.

This resource might be of interest:

  • For people who are interested in utilising digital platforms for their accounting and invoices.
  • People who are currently paying for an accounting software package and are interested in trying a free alternative.
  • If you are using a platform such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks – it is worth testing our package to see if it meets your needs.
  • The HWB platform can be hosted for free on the cloud, hosted on your own web server, PC or laptop, even on phones.
  • By using the HWB members key you can access a set of addon-apps at no cost (saving around $250-$500 per year depending on library).

Most software services for accounting have a monthly fee (around $20 for basic accounts) and then they charge extra for addon services and apps as required. With the platform recommended by HWB you have no monthly fee and can access plugins for free. The source code is opensource and fully available to you.

To learn more — stay tuned for links! Or contact me directly to discuss.

Jasmine falling

September winds meet Jasmine falling

Loquat in a 2nd luteal phase
Loquat + Violet + Clivers are a tempting trio

In morning sun Angelica grows fuller

Parsley Spiders of Regent, the same as in Fairfield.

The Tiny Bitterweet is afoot, green siliqua upright antenna, musk halo on white flos

Lawn strewn Veronica

Veronica of late

those in the winter-shades are losing petals now
meanwhile, in sunny spots new season hatchlings are emerging; and quite distant from their winter-shade elders.

The full moon yesterday; the winter folk of Veronica found moist dark soils; the seasonal hathchlings do not fall close to the tree and have taken up fallow tenancies in recently disturbed and depleted clay soils; turned and weeded of its buffallo and couch grasses. These soils where yarrow leaves grow purple and wither; are a place where Angelica thrives into its second year with neighbous of thyme, beets, kale and Withania. Roma tomatos thrive; Blueberries struggle; True pipperita with rich choclatey veins grows fiercly. In mid-winter the mint disappeared most suddenly, to emerge again 4 weeks later, at the half moon emerging with a greater footprint than before. At the full moon I planted Coriander to pair the two in sauce.

Vapor Galore Today

Fumitory galore – standing out all week – is it arriving earlier? or more abundantly than years before? The lockdown tassle.

Chickweed racing to flower

Plantain stout lances

Magnolia gaze

Capsella growing pale

Viola leaping fences

Privet never ending

East of Regent today

Lavender, Viola, Capsella, Tarax in flower

Capsella prominently seeding

Tarax seed sailing

Conyza first floret

Spurge,and Clivers, together again

Nightshade fruit soft and splitting

Young Nasturtium and Malva

Plantain about today

Plantago emerging
Capsella drying
Loquat jaundicing
Mullein clumping
Clivers poking
Lavender blooming
Wattle fluffy

Such was the the alley today