Herb sightings

Herb sightings

Jasmine falling

September winds meet Jasmine falling

Loquat in a 2nd luteal phase
Loquat + Violet + Clivers are a tempting trio

In morning sun Angelica grows fuller

Parsley Spiders of Regent, the same as in Fairfield.

The Tiny Bittersweet is afoot, green siliqua upright antenna, musk halo on white flos

Lawn strewn Veronica

Veronica of late

those in the winter-shades are losing petals now
meanwhile, in sunny spots new season hatchlings are emerging; and quite distant from their winter-shade elders.

The full moon yesterday; the winter folk of Veronica found moist dark soils; the seasonal hatchlings do not fall close to the tree and have taken up fallow tenancies in recently disturbed and depleted clay soils; turned and weeded of its buffalo and couch grasses. These soils where yarrow leaves grow purple and wither; are a place where Angelica thrives into its second year with neighbours of thyme, beets, kale and Withania. Roma tomato’s thrive; Blueberries struggle; True pipperita with rich chocolatey veins grows fiercely. In mid-winter the mint disappeared most suddenly, to emerge again 4 weeks later, at the half moon emerging with a greater footprint than before. At the full moon I planted Coriander to pair the two in sauce.

Vapor Galore Today

Fumitory galore – standing out all week – is it arriving earlier? or more abundantly than years before? The lockdown tassle.

Chickweed racing to flower

Plantain stout lances

Magnolia gaze

Capsella growing pale

Viola leaping fences

Privet never ending

Plantain about today

Plantago emerging
Capsella drying
Loquat jaundicing
Mullein clumping
Clivers poking
Lavender blooming
Wattle fluffy

Such was the the alley today

Abbotsford Alleys

From Regent to the river.

The Morning glory heralds the train

Castors are drying, thumb prints fading

Conyza colonies – ready to float. Amphoteric riddle.

Bags of pissy walls; seeking classification; mongst azoturic neighbours

Ivy crawling

Viola sprawling – door knockers; stained glass; weeping cherry silver birch

Cottage white roses – beetles not birds

Wormwood. Visions versus coma.

Nut Sedge the Golden; beware lime, paths and pavers.

Mullein is rattling and chattering; ready to roll.

Fat Hen ganders; growing tallest against the north walls

White bells; to ripe fruits; Nightshade

Sonchus tips and veins are pruple – ponder phosphorus – does it curdle?

Geranium flowers, bring scrunched up faces; is its doctrine of disdain?

Rose of Sharon. Malva, hibiscus, silky petals, monk wine tales

Spurge – superstition on the path;

Cursed Fig

Tufts of soft down

Of Yellow Gowan.

Shaggy white tufts in Preston today

Sepals tight, stout in height, deep green the lions teeth

Oh’ piss-a-bed, a bald monks head, milk witch, a doon-head-clock

Where wind-a-blow, i see you grow

Disorder remedy

Sightings @theFarm

Buckwheat, Lavendula and Tansy in flower

Crataegus fruit are dark and drying, Olives ripening

Verbascum rattling

Sandy soil has sage, geranium and mint