The Apothecary returns

The online/virtual dispensary will return in 2022.

Melbourne/Victorian plant survey

A project for gathering weed location data. The goal of this project is to gather and present information about plant distribution across the state of Victoria. In particular, the focus is upon medicinal and useful `weeds’ (and standout interesting plants). For example castor oil plant is a weed, it is useful and its presence tellsContinue reading

New members resource available – Accounting key

Accounting software and Health Justice – WTF? Members can now access the HWB Victoria accounting platform for their personal and business needs. This resource might be of interest: For people who are interested in utilising digital platforms for their accounting and invoices. People who are currently paying for an accounting software package and are interestedContinue reading

Angelica archangelica and friends

Angelica flowers

Jasmine falling

September winds meet Jasmine falling Loquat in a 2nd luteal phaseLoquat + Violet + Clivers are a tempting trio In morning sun Angelica grows fuller Parsley Spiders of Regent, the same as in Fairfield. The Tiny Bittersweet is afoot, green siliqua upright antenna, musk halo on white flos Lawn strewn Veronica

Veronica of late

Veronicathose in the winter-shades are losing petals nowmeanwhile, in sunny spots new season hatchlings are emerging; and quite distant from their winter-shade elders. The full moon yesterday; the winter folk of Veronica found moist dark soils; the seasonal hatchlings do not fall close to the tree and have taken up fallow tenancies in recently disturbedContinue reading

Vapor Galore Today

Fumitory galore – standing out all week – is it arriving earlier? or more abundantly than years before? The lockdown tassle. Chickweed racing to flower Plantain stout lances Magnolia gaze Capsella growing pale Viola leaping fences Privet never ending

East of Regent today

Lavender, Viola, Capsella, Tarax in flower Capsella prominently seeding Tarax seed sailing Conyza first floret Spurge,and Clivers, together again Nightshade fruit soft and splitting Young Nasturtium and Malva

Plantain about today

Plantago emergingCapsella dryingLoquat jaundicingMullein clumpingClivers pokingLavender bloomingWattle fluffy Such was the the alley today

Wooly Grapes and Purses

Wooly grapes are in flower Capsella braclets are green and full Viola Olives Elder flos near ending Ashwa berries lingering