East of Regent today

Lavender, Viola, Capsella, Tarax in flower Capsella prominently seeding Tarax seed sailing Conyza first floret Spurge,and Clivers, together again Nightshade fruit soft and splitting Young Nasturtium and Malva

Plantain about today

Plantago emergingCapsella dryingLoquat jaundicingMullein clumpingClivers pokingLavender bloomingWattle fluffy Such was the the alley today

Wooly Grapes and Purses

Wooly grapes are in flower Capsella braclets are green and full Viola Olives Elder flos near ending Ashwa berries lingering

HWB@Edinburgh Garden

Regular gatherings to tend the herb garden, drink tea and share herb talk.

HWB@Collingwood Children’s Farm Community Garden

The Collingwood Commmunity Garden is closed for renovations. Meanwhile, we continue our gardening adventures with meetings at the Edinburgh Garden plot and welcome you to join us (see the events and news pages for dates and details).

HWB Victoria Inc. Constitution 2021

Herbalists Without Borders International global movement HERBALISTS WITHOUT BORDERS VICTORIA is part of the global movement of Herbalists Without Borders International. The worldwide movement of Herbalists Without Borders International – including HERBALISTS WITHOUT BORDERS VICTORIA – is a non-denominational, non-partisan movement, independent of all governments, political parties and religious institutions. HERBALISTS WITHOUT BORDERS VICTORIA’s structureContinue reading

Agenda (Q1-Q2) 2021

AGENDA ITEMS If you prefer to email please send to: Agenda submissons may be submitted up until 1 week (7 days) prior to the meeting. During the week (7 days) prior to the meeting agenda items may be amended, or removed by contacting

Committee nominations 2021

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