Abbotsford Alleys


From Regent to the river.

The Morning glory heralds the train

Castors are drying, thumb prints fading

Conyza colonies – ready to float. Amphoteric riddle.

Bags of pissy walls; seeking classification; mongst azoturic neighbours

Ivy crawling

Viola sprawling – door knockers; stained glass; weeping cherry silver birch

Cottage white roses – beetles not birds

Wormwood. Visions versus coma.

Nut Sedge the Golden; beware lime, paths and pavers.

Mullein is rattling and chattering; ready to roll.

Fat Hen ganders; growing tallest against the north walls

White bells; to ripe fruits; Nightshade

Sonchus tips and veins are pruple – ponder phosphorus – does it curdle?

Geranium flowers, bring scrunched up faces; is its doctrine of disdain?

Rose of Sharon. Malva, hibiscus, silky petals, monk wine tales

Spurge – superstition on the path;

Cursed Fig

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